The Ultimate Roman Food Tour

This delightful food tour will lead you to the flavoury heart of the Eternal City. Get to know the best of Roman cuisine and explore the authentic places where the locals go for to fill their everyday life with yummy food and succulent joy!


  • €95 per person (€80 Kids 3 to 11 y.o.) - Shared tour up to a maximum of 10 people

  • €145 per person (€125 Kids 3 to 11 y.o.) - Private tour for a minimum of 4 guests

  • 2.5 hours

  • Rome, Italy - GOOGLE MAP

  • 2 guests minimum - 10 guests maximum

  • I usually host from 2 to 10 people, because the kind of experiences that I offer is mostly suitable for small groups. But I am happy to offer you a personalized service! Please send me a private message in case your group is less than 2 or more than 9 people and we will make the experience fit your needs.

The Ultimate Roman Food Tour

Savour the best of Roman food Tradition with this unmissable tour through the heart of the Eternal City and its flavours. Get to know the places only local people know, enjoy an exciting combination of the best specialities this City has to offer and have fun learning how to eat as the Romans do!

During this itinerant discovery meal through the best delicacies of Rome we will walk along some of the most gorgeous and elegant squares and streets in town, I will get you in touch with local culture and I will reveal you the secrets of the deep connection that italian people have with their food, all seasoned with a mouthwatering sequence of food tastings!

From a tasting of balsamic vinegars and extra virgin olive oils to Roman-style crispy pizza from an ancient bakery, from the best biscotti in town to the Roman fried ball of risotto that we call Supplí, I will make sure that the local food will be at its best quality.

The tour will start from the bustling Campo de’ Fiori, a traditional grocery market in the heart of the city. Learn about the charming history of this place surrounded by the sounds and the scents of this busy market and while enjoyng a tasting of local products like balsamic vinegars and extra virgin olive oils.

No food tour in Rome would make sense without including some simple, crunchy, thinned-crust Pizza Romana: you will visit one of the most ancient bakeries in town and you may get it warm and crispy right from the oven!

Stroll down Trastevere picturesque streets, discover unexpected sights as we pass them by and get to meet a must-try in Rome: the Supplì!

No culinary journey through the Eternal City would be complete without a taste of its local wine. As we navigate the narrow lanes and hidden gems, we’ll make time to enjoy a delightful glass of local regional wine. Made by producers in the countryside surrounding Rome, these wines carry a depth of history and tradition that mirrors the city itself. As we sip, We’ll share fascinating stories of Italian wine culture – from its ancient beginnings to its revered status today. This isn’t just about enjoying a fine glass of wine; it’s a journey through time, evoking the vibrant aromas, ancient techniques, and passionate producers that have brought this wine to your glass. As we immerse ourselves in these rich narratives, we’ll also discover how the wine perfectly complements Rome’s local cuisine.

Do not be scared to enter the most genuine and traditional grocery shops in the area, where I will take you through a delightful selection of meats and cheeses, cut fresh and flavourful.

Feeling like indulging in something sweet and taking a break in a old sweet shop? No problem, I have got you covered by taking you to a historic 1936 biscuit factory filled with tempting treats. Cookies of all kinds await you, the perfect way to recharge before continuing our walk!

No food tour could be over without a refreshing home-made gelato! Let me lead you while discovering the secrets to find really genuine Italian gelato, and let it be the icing on the cake of this flavourful, belly-filling food experience.

Savour the genuine atmosphere of shops and squares that you may otherwise miss, discover sights that will surprise you and enjoy unexpected views…. And, last but not least, let me share with you my best suggestions on food and drinks!

Italian lifestyle and food are among my biggest passions and the experiences that I care more about are the ones where I can use food to tell much more about culture, local habits and everyday life.

You just have to follow me: we will stroll down the small cobblestone streets to discover the authentic side of Rome , and we will take our time to savour every minute together.

Food, culture and tradition, when combined, will give you much more than their simple addition: come and taste it with me!

Our tours are conducted by our team of authentic Roman locals, all of whom are licensed tour leaders and carry a deep passion and knowledge about Italian gastronomic tradition. We are genuine, we are passionate, and we are eager to share the stories and flavors that make our city so unique. Rest assured, your guide will be as authentic as the food and wine you will enjoy.

At Divitaexperience, we believe that true discovery happens not just through seeing but through experiencing, and what better experience is there than the unique culinary traditions of Italy? You won’t just see Rome; you’ll taste it, feel it, and truly experience it, the way locals do. We can’t wait to take you on this unforgettable culinary journey through the heart of Rome.

We strive to make each tour not only informative and enjoyable, but also deeply personal and authentic. With us, you aren’t just a visitor; you are an honorary Roman, savouring the very best that the Eternal City has to offer. Whether you’re a foodie, a history buff, or just someone looking to experience Rome in a new, exciting way, we’re ready to guide you on an unforgettable journey that will tantalize your taste buds, stimulate your senses, and ignite your imagination.

This tour, as well as all of the experiences that we offer, is conceived to be sustainable and customisable.
Our priority is to make it an unforgettable day for you, and to make you fall in love with our city and its food.
Groups will have a minimum of 2 guests and up to 10 guests and they will be private or with carefully selected participants: this will make the tour more pleasant for you and more sustainable for the places that we will visit.
We are happy to accommodate special wishes and dietary requirement, from vegetarians options to food allergies.
Each one of our experiences is avalaible in English, Spanish, German and Italian.

Receive a full refund for cancellations done 7 days before the experience date.

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    • Highlights

    • Meeting Point

      Campo de' Fiori Rome

    • Tasting of balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, and truffle.

      Explore the taste of the best products from the Campo de Fiori market and discover the secrets of Italian ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil and Modena balsamic vinegar DOP, immersed in the unique atmosphere of a local market.

    • Romans' finest

      Get to know the Roman pizza and try its most delicious variations, the Pizza Rossa and Margherita, from an historic bakery where local people love to eat.

    • A Roman must-try

      Let yourself be surprised my the amazing simplicity of a big Roman classic: the tomato and mozzarella deep fried risotto balls better known as “Supplì”.

    • We love wine

      Experience the richness of Rome's local wines, carefully sourced from producers in the surrounding countryside. As you savor your glass, immerse yourself in fascinating tales of Italian wine history, learning about its ancient origins and esteemed reputation.

    • Best cheese shop in Rome

      Visit a traditional grocery shop in Trastevere and let yourself be surprised by the genuine atmosphere and by the intense flavours of the meats and cheeses that your local guide will introduce you to.

    • Back in time for biscotti

      Follow me away from the buzzling main roads and discover an ancient laboratory from the 1930 where Stefania bake the most heart-warming biscotti that you will ever eat!

    • Last but not least GE-LA-TO

      Enjoy a refreshing traditional Italian gelato, prepared with fresh ingredients, and let your local guide reveal you the secrets to spot the best gelaterie around town!