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The Great Gabi! I was searching for a Mother’s Day gift for my wife during COVID and stumbled upon this and booked it blindly. So glad I did because Gabi gave us a great virtual Rome experience. Gabi is lovely, fun and knowledgeable. We could not have asked for a better host for our virtual Italian adventure. When we visit Italy, I am sure we would ask him to show us around the city.


Gabi made our first eve in Rome great. We knew when we picked him for our foodie tour it was the right choice. Very friendly, loves music, smiles all the time and projects his positive waves through the whole tour. The best food tour of Rome!


Meeting Gabi was one of the key highlights of Rome for me. Gabi is really fun and an amazing expert in lifestyle and gastronomy. He showed us some amazing churches which ideally one wouldn’t get to see and explained the cultural side really well. The best part was the walk to Trastevere where we got to try some amazing cookies and the best gelato I have ever had. We visited the Jewish quarters and learned a lot about food, culture. I would highly recommend Everyone to experience this side of Roma as it’s one of the best ways to see the local side of the city which is fun and also an experience you wouldn’t get elsewhere. Thanks for the lovely walk and conversations Gabi. A hidden world of lifestyle and gastronomy


Having visited Rome previously, we wanted to see some of the city’s hidden highlights – plus eat some really delicious food! – and Gabi was the best guide we could have possibly hoped for. Warm, funny, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, he was fantastic fun to hang out with and a brilliant advocate for all things Roman. HIGHLY recommended !Perfetto!


We‘ve been to Rome and seen most of the big sights before, so we were after something extra, something different. Something truly Roman. From the first minute Gabi set us at ease and gave us confidence that we would get exactly that. He was relaxed and friendly and truly loves Rome. All of his gastro tips have been noted down for our next visit, that’s for sure. And when crossing paths with other tour guides they warmly greeted him and assured us that we had the best guide in Rome. I believe it! Thank you so much Gabi, looking forward to seeing you again! Relaxed – Warm – Authentic


Fuimos muy felices en esta increíble experiencia. Gabi es absolutamente formidable, divertido, amable y muy conocedor de la cuidad y la comida. Cada parada estuvo deliciosa, con platos que sólo los locales conocen. Sin duda uno de los highlights de nuestro viaje a Roma. Gracias Gabi!! Una experiencia increible


Oh, foodie friends. This experience with Gabi is just the thing! We had to cancel our in-person trip to Rome due to the virus, but we got the most amazing gastronomy and cultural history tour online here! And, Gabi is going to send us vegan versions of some of the best-loved Roman recipes. (heart-heart) Gabi has such a wonderful, warm, fun personality. His passion for what he does comes through just as though we were there in person. My husband and I truly loved this experience, and we learned a LOT! Very informative as well as entertaining, and yet personal, so we really feel that we didn’t just have the experience online, but we’ve also made a new friend. We will look forward to seeing Gabi in person when we visit Rome some day! Highly recommend this experience with Gabi. Just the thing!


We had the most wonderful experience with Gabi as our virtual tour guide. He was very engaging, informative and so passionate about his home city. Thank you, Gabi! We hope to meet you in person when we can actually travel to Rome.


Gabi’s Tour of Rome—like we were there!

Gabi’s virtual tour of Rome gave our entire family a chance to “travel on our sofas” during quarantine. His humor, conversational style, and knowledge of the area made it a wonderful experience. We can’t wait to go in person and take his gastronomy tour!


Delightful day with Gabi in Rome!

Our family of ten thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Gabi wandering the lovely neighborhoods in Rome. Since we couldn’t be there in person, this experience was the next best thing. Gabi’s love of his beautiful city is very evident in the way he explained the history and described each neighborhood. We would love to spend more time with Gabi on another tour — hopefully in person some day!


My son and I had a fantastic time on our food tour with Gabi. He is passionate and very knowledgeable and Gabi’s enthusiasm for Rome, Italy, and food shined through during our tour. The food was outstanding and made even better by Gabi’s beautiful personality and joy for life. We look forward to our next food tour with Gabi. Thank you, Gabi, for making the food tour the highlight of our trip to Italy. Gabi is Awesome…and so is the food tour


We were excited to take a walking tour through Rome with Gabi. We had taken two previous experiences with him and he’s such a wonderful person and such fun to be with. My daughter had been to Rome before, but I hadn’t, so I was interested to see it for myself. There’s no better person to show you Rome than Gabi, a native who can tell you all the history and culture of the city. He’s so good at what he does! It was such a pleasure spending time with Gabi and seeing Rome through his eyes. I’d highly recommend this online experience.


Gabi was a wonderful guide for our recent foodie tour in Rome. We enjoyed delicious food and got to see the local’s side of Rome. We have two younger children and Gabi was great at keeping them engaged throughout the tour. So glad we did this tour. Fantastic Foodie Tour


Dear Gabi, Thank you very much. We had amazing time and experience. My son was inspired and that recipe became his favourite pasta recipe. I thought there is nothing much to learn preparing a pasta, but I learnt a lot of very import tips, which you couldn’t find in any books:-). And to be honest, it’s amazing what you are doing!!!!! Yesterday, we had experience of a real cooking class with smell, taste, feel and passion….. Last year we were in Rome and it was the first time I decided to book a cooking class close to “Campo de Fiori”. It was ok, we did some shopping with the Chef in the Market and cooked an interesting menu, but that’s not comparable to what we experienced yesterday during your virtual class. The atmosphere you are creating is absolutely amazing and the passion with which you share you knowledge and love for cooking is unforgettable❣️❣️❣️ Grazie Mille🙏🙏🙏🙏 and good luck for everything you are doing. Best wishes. He is really impressed by you. Thank you. Absolutely fantastic


We met Gabi in Rome last year as he took us on the Roman Market Food tour. Gabi is charming and his passion for food and for Rome comes through in the knowledge he shares. We had such a great time with him, that when we saw the opportunity to book an Online Cooking Class, we jumped at the chance. We invited four other friends to join the virtual class as Gabi walked us through preparing Pasta Alla Amatriciana. We all had varying levels of cooking skills, but the results for everyone tasted amazing, and we were all surprised at how well the online experience worked. The description says the class will introduce you to your new favorite dish, and it’s true: We’ve all made this pasta again at least once in the two weeks since we had the class. The other friends experienced what we had last year in Rome: Gabi’s warmth and humor made him feel like an old friend. And during this current time of isolation and worry, we can all use more friends. A great experience w/ a delicious result!


El tour con Gabi fue estupendo! Éramos un grupo grande y se adaptó a nuestras necesidades y requisitos! Nos enseñó más de lo que estaba previsto en el tour y fue todo increíble sobre todo la comida! 100% recomendable el tour con Gabi!! Gabi el mejor!


Gabi lived up to his stellar reputation.

He is very personable, knowledgeable, and great fun to be with for 3 hours eating some great food and hearing about the city and it’s people. Highly recommend Gabi and the food tour. Amazing!


Gabi delivered an amazing tour to delight our senses. The sights, sounds, smells and flavours of Rome made me fall even more in love with this incredible city. We visited places I wouldn’t have thought of going: the market tour was by far the highlight. Next time I’m in Rome I’ll be back to taste some more. Gabi is a very personable and friendly guy who is enthusiastic to share his love for Rome and it’s food. We made a friend and had an experience to rennet for a lifetime. Fantastic!


Cannot rave enough about our tour with Gabi. He suggested going to the market so we ended up meeting him a little earlier than planned. What a treat! The market was incredible. The food was authentic and delicious. Gabi was an incredible guide. He was knowledgable, friendly and very passionate about food. He ended the tour with the best gelato I’ve ever had. Magical food experience!


We booked the online experience for my mom´s 75th birthday, being she connected from Spain, we from France and Gabi from Rome. The preparation instructions for the experience were sent quite in advance, so we had time to find the products needed. Gabi was funny, talked about the different ingredients, explained how we would prepare the dishes and drives us on the best way to cook. He took care of the different time required, showed how the sauce should look like and he was successful! We made it! After that we ate “together” and talked about life! And all the experience was in Spanish, so my mom could enjoy from the beginning to the end! I really recommend it! Real Italian taste with wonderful host.


What a fantastic evening! We joined Gabi for a cooking lesson online that he helped customize for our family. Right from the start Gabi had wonderful ideas and shared them during our preplanning chats. It was a personalized experience. When the evening came, it was as though Gabi was a family friend we had known for years. He shared his passion for food and Rome with us, and truly brought a little Rome into all our homes. His recipes were thought through, easy to follow, and if we had questions along the way he was very happy to answer them and make sure we were all good before moving to the next step. We made carbonara and it was like something we would eat in Rome! As people who love travelling to Italy, this was an experience we will never forget! Until we meet in Rome and you can tour the “Toronto gang” around, Gabi 🙂 First round of Spritz are on us! It was an amazing time! An evening in Rome….from Toronto