Plan your visit with a Local

Call me before your visit to Rome! I will be happy to listen to your wishes for your trip and to share with you my best advises about accommodation, local food, tours and much more. We will plan your time in Rome and Italy the local way, the best way.


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  • 1 hour Zoom call

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Plan your visit with a Local

Are you planning of visiting Rome and are not sure where to start? Accommodation, tours, food: there are many things to sort out, which can be done better with some local help!

During this 60 minutes zoom call I will be at your disposition before your arrive in Rome. I will be able to help you with suggestions about what to do here and how to explore the city like locals do; my knowledge and experience will be at your disposition and I will be able to suggest you where to stay and what to do according to your preferences. Planning your trip this way will be smart, sustainable and local-oriented. Plus, if you want it, I will be happy to be your reference person in the city once you get here.

How will this work? Very simply! We will first get in touch through E-mail, so that you will be able to share with me some practical details, such as number and age of guests travelling, planned duration of your stay, time of the year when you are planning to come, and so on.

Having this information provided, I will be better equipped to help you during our Zoom call. The call time will be the moment when I will answer all your questions and I will be able to give you some help regarding the neighborhood where to stay, how to move around, which attractions and activities to focus on, well suited daytrips and, last but not least, suggestions about where to eat the best food!

As a passionate Roman, I love to share tips about my city with visitors. But, as a licensed tour leader and local expert, I am able to do it with professional commitment.

I have now been working with tourism in Rome for more than five years, always using my best energies to learn new things and to get new professional skills: I will be happy to put my experience at your disposition!

Not only you will have somebody helping you organizing your time in Rome, but you will get access to local  and authentic information – not easy to find in guide books or websites.

Plus, in case you are considering visiting other places in Italy, I will be happy to help you planning your activities in other gorgeous Italian cities as Venezia, Firenze and Napoli

This tour, as well as all of the experiences that I offer, is conceived to be private, sustainable and fully customisable. My priority is to make your trip an unforgettable experience for you, and to make you fall in love with my city. So the planning will be 100% personalized, with a complete focus on your needs, passions and interests. Every live and online experience that I offer is avalaible in English, Spanish and Italian.

As I am not a travel agent, the only thing that I will not be able to do will be to book your accommodation and tours, but detailed suggestions on neighborhoods, restaurants, experiences, tours and activities are guaranteed. Whether it is your first time in the Eternal City, or whether you have been already, let’s plan it the local way!

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      Have a chat with me through email answering a few questions about your dream trip, I will use all your answers to plan a trip tailored exactly to your needs.

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      Finally, during our zoom call, I will be able to provide you with all the ideas I had to plan your vacation in Rome and Italy with the best local tips.

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